About Sampson

About Sampsonondabeat

Born in 1991, Sampson has forever longed to pursue a career in hip hop. At age 13 he began memorizing raps to recite for his friends. It was then he discovered his talent for beatboxing as well. As he got better at rap, beatboxing began to fade, but always had a beat playing in his head.

After pursuing rap and recording songs with IMA winner, and Juno-nominee "Joey Stylez" and Ephin/SDK's "Caspian" under a different name, Sampson decided to hang up the mic and pursue music production. 

A few years go buy and Sampson decided to team up with long-time mentor and best friend "Rayne Drop" to form the production duo: "The Rexxall Brothers". It was here when Sampson realized he needed an identity, and thus, SampsonOnDaBeat was born.

Fast forward to now, after being homeless, nowhere to go, and no income to support himself, Sampson turned to beats as a means of living. In 9 short months, he now has a car, a beautiful home, and a ton of respect as he hustled his way to get where he is at. Now as a full time music producer, Sampson enjoys staying home, working on music, networking, and learning to perfect his craft.


His credits include but are not limited to: Young Buck, Styles P, Young Stitch, Lil Baby, Status631, Illiano, Lil Coke, Philly Regs, & more

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